What do we do in the Smart Villages team?

We implement advanced digital systems to improve tourism management and sustainable development.

Smart Poqueira” is the name of the project on smart villages that we are currently developing in the villages of “el Barranco del Poqueira”, in the heart of the Alpujarra Granadina (Sierra Nevada Natural Park).

The main goal of the initiative is to foster ecotourism in the area through digitalisation, and through the installation of smart sensors and smart cameras that collect and analyse data. We have placed devices in roads and streets in the villages of Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira, and such devices enable us to collect information on the number of visitors and vehicles that access the area.

Which data do we collect?

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¿Qué datos recogemos?

Conoce un poco más nuestros sensores inteligentes

Descubre como la salud de los ríos empeora debido a la actividad humana.

Desde su nacimiento en la cabecera de los valles glaciares de Sierra Nevada, el estado de los ríos empeora debido a la actividad humana.


¿Cómo beneficia nuestra labor a la sociedad?

Nuestros datos benefician a políticos, trabajadores y visitantes

How do our actions benefit us?

Our data benefit politicians, workers, and visitors.

  • Manage the carrying capacity of places.
  • Learn more about the frequency of visits.
  • Analyse the flow and behaviour of visitors
  • Tailor and differentiate offers.
  • Lower costs.
  • Facilitate integration with other management and booking systems.
  • Automate work and reduce time.
  • Store information in a simple, safe, and free manner.
  • Design actions to make seasonal adjustments for the arrival of visitors or tourists to the area.
  • Stratify information campaigns.
  • Create new business models for tourism.
  • Alert the authorities in case of traffic congestion. This will allow them to take measures to improve traffic flow and prevent intense traffic conditions that might cause accidents.
As part of our project in “Smart Poqueira”, we have developed an augmented reality application that offers a unique experience in the “Ruta Sendero Poqueira Inteligente” (Smart Route Poqueira Rural Path).

This rural path links the three villages in the barranco de Poqueira and, while exploring the zone, visitors may obtain relevant information on history, buildings, crops, customs, and lifestyles in the region. In this manner, we enrich the tourist experience of visitors in an innovative way, and we offer detailed information on the popularity and interest of hiking routes.

Data generated by the team

Learn more about the data we are generating
  • Monitoring Alpujarra’s tourism flows through traffic and capacity control data.