What do we do in the Data Management team?

We manage the data obtained by the other teams in Smart EcoMountains.

Even though most researchers are aware of the importance of sharing data, there are several social and technological barriers that hamper how we may add value to data, and such barriers hinder potential advances in research. In the Data Management team, we focus on finding solutions to the barriers encountered in data sharing, and support our researchers in the process of managing information and highlighting its value for the benefit of society.

Our work focuses on the collection and integration of data while ensuring that information is available, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. Besides, we contribute to the development of data applications and services to facilitate the use of information by different kinds of users: scientists, managers, and citizens.

Our workflow is described below:

What have we achieved?

We integrate data and publish them in open access repositories so that they may be accessed and reused by other users.

Thanks to our work, the integrated data will be published in institutional repositories of the Observatorio de Cambio Global de Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory) (Linaria, ClimaNevada), as well as in international repositories recognized by the scientific community (e.g. GBIF, PANGAEA, ACTRiS, GEOBON). In this way, data become a citable resource and we ensure their long-term preservation and access.

Data will be free and open-access, and this will contribute to making science more open (Open Science).

How do our actions benefit us?

We facilitate access to data, develop tools and services and highlight the value of the scientific information generated in Smart EcoMountains.

We guarantee the availability of high-quality scientific information with a view to improving knowledge on mountain ecosystems and on the main global change processes that affect them.

Besides, we offer detailed records through the development of tools and services that help learn more about all the environmental information that exists about Sierra Nevada. This has a great local impact, as the information supports decision-making and is not only used in research, but also in management. In a similar way, highlighting the value of such information provides an international scope to all the scientific activity that is being developed in Sierra Nevada, which is a key aspect for the development of this Topic Centre on Mountains.

Data generated by the team

Learn more about the data tools and services we are generating
  • Data Management Plan.
  • In collaboration with the Sierra Nevada Global-Change Observatory: ClimaNevada, Linaria.
  • In collaboration with LifeWatch-ERIC: Elysia Ligero Web, VREs, etc.